About/What We Do

ABE ART is a commissioned art and creative thought company dedicated to making your artistic vision come to life. Whether it be a simple drawing, mural, or marketing schematic for your business, we want to be a part of your next artistic venture!

Commercial Artwork

Large scale artwork for restaurants, hotel, offices and buildings of all sizes. Tailored to individual color, scale, medium and subject.


Now accepting individualized commissions! Paintings, sculpture and design  for your personal, every day artistic needs. Capture a special person with the time honored tradition of portrait drawing. Let’s paint something to spruce up your living or play space, or simply let your ideas out on canvas!

At ABE Art, I believe in art with a purpose. Art is a medium for not only beauty, but therapy and intellectual growth, and we seek to satisfy the creative soul in all that we do. Our work is colorful and highly expressive, often leaning toward abstract realism. We like to create a sense of whimsical expression that allows viewers to develop their own creative meaning.

Savannah Lessington


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