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Mrs. Nicole Titus, who often goes by Abe is a 23 year old artist, working in Atlanta GA. Click the link to find out more about the artist!  BIOGRAPHY

Nicole founded ABEART in 2014. Her vision for the company was to use art to enlighten and inspire, and bring quality art services to the community. A native of Charleston, Ms. Titus is a graduate of Charleston County School of the Arts. Nicole moved to Spartanburg in 2013 to attend Converse College. She is an active member in both Spartanburg and Charleston County, a Spartanburg Area Chamber of Commerce Member, Atlanta Black Commerce, AmeriCorps Member and an Ambassador for the Carolina Youth Development Center.

Ms. Titus still remains active in her hometown communities

At the age of 12 Nicole had decided within herself to become a successful artist, to positively change the world through art and creativity; her life goal has remained unwavering to this day.
ABE ART, dedicated to the enrichment of African Americans and the under-served.
So yes.  I’m an artist and I have been my entire life. I knew I wanted to be for real by the age of 12. I grew up in foster care in South Carolina. I (barely) graduated from Charleston County School of the Arts. Majored in Visual Arts  and that’s where I mastered my craft. I scored perfect on my ACT and went to Converse College but I got suspended my sophomore year for weed related activities. And I failed drawing 1 twice while in college. Not because I’m bad at art but because the program was based off of effort and not talent. So I was suspended and I was homeless because I was living on campus and I had no home to go to so I moved to Key West and worked as a stripper then I got fired because I didn’t make the club enough money then I lived on a boat for a few months then I got arrested because when I got fired I sprayed mace in the air vents so I spent my 21st birthday Christmas and thanksgiving in jail. I got out moved to Charleston then finished college and I’ve been living ever since. All in between these events I made and sold art and I had many many jobs I would always quit because I believe art is the reason I’m alive. 

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