Codi Maddox

Codi Maddox (b.1994) is an Atlanta -based interdisciplinary artist and writer from Zone 6.

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Artist Statement

Codi Maddox is a black female artist who strives to push the boundaries of each medium she uses, in search of profound meaning. Codi is a true self taught artist and her work could be described contemporary abstract expressionism. Maddox is perhaps best known for her unique art technique which calls for a mixture of painting, pastel and a new style of collage– color block collage. Maddox cuts out the color for shapes she creates; rather than using a magazine clipping of a person, she forms her own. Oil and chalk pastels are a favorite medium, along with acrylic paint. The artist is heavily influenced by the surrounding city and the more urban, under-developed areas of Atlanta.

“Because the settings are urban, I don’t really care that it’s not ‘clean’ or ‘neat’. I take public transportation and I get a lot of inspiration. It breaks my heart the conditions of people living in the hood…what resources do they have?”

Artist Biography

Born Codi Maddox 1994 in Atlanta , GA. her mother was an artist by profession. While Maddox may have been influenced by her mother, she showed much interests in art as a child. Maddox spent much of her youth in Zone 6 of Atlanta taking in the scenery that would soon become the focus of her artwork. After graduating, she dedicated much more time to herself and her newfound passion. She began creating works which documented her experience in urban Atlanta through photographs, paintings, and color block collages


A Step Above – 2019 – 10*14 * $1,000