The Spartanburg Mural Project is a creative way to help beautify the city and add value to its inhabitants. It will support local artists, engage the community, and add interest to the area while enhancing existing businesses.  Spartanburg is a growing economic force in the Upper SC area.  SMP is simply an integral part of the constant and present work that is being done to make Spartanburg THE Upstate Hub for Business and the Arts

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  • How is SMP funded?

SMP is almost entirely run by volunteers;  so we don’t have much overhead cost. The project recevies support from local companies,  individual donations, grants, and art sales. Our biggest expenses are materials and paint. We’re trying to receive as much donated supplies as we can.

SMP welcomes any and all investments… It would not be possible to produce murals without the community members who believe in the power of art to change. If you would like to invest in the Spartanburg Mural Project, donate supplies, or volunteer time and ideas , click the corresponding  link below  or contact for more information. A comprehensive budget can be found at the corresponding link below.

  • How are mural sites chosen?

SMP is aiming to produce murals through out the city’s. Some mural locations have been pre selected, but we need more!  Mural locations are designated based upon a list of factors that include but are not limited to:

  1. location and visibility from road
  2. wall cleanliness/readiness to paint
  3. neighborhood approval
  4. size/height of wall

 Do you want a mural on your building /in your community? Click the corresponding link below.

  • How are the artists selected?

Lead artists will be selected based upon their artistic capabilities and vision.  No specific mural designs will be submitted, as each mural will have to include the input of the property owner, the surrounding  neighborhood and the artists/volunteers involved. Interviews will be held with each potential artist, where they will have to present a portfolio of their work. No previous public art experience required. Classes will be held on the instruction of the mural development/execution process.

If you are an artist interested in leading a mural team, click the corresponding link below.

  • How long will SMP take?

Entries for mural sites and artists will be accepted through May 1. Lead artists and project site owners will notified. Execution of murals will begin no later than June 1, or after site appointment and acquisition of funding/materials completed. Artists and their teams have until October 1, 2017 to be completed with their murals. A project celebration/art show will be held October 1st Sign Up to Attend the “FANCY ART SHOW”

To view a comprehensive project outline click the corresponding link below.


Mural Request Form

Lead Artist Application

Supply Donation Form

Comprehensive Project Outline

Volunteer Application Form

Materials/Budget Sheet




phone: (864) 300-2130

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Case Studies


Artworks is a successful community-based mural program that empowers young people through professional opportunities in the arts. For over a decade, thousands of Artworks-trained youth have completed over 100 murals throughout the Seattle area—many for businesses and public facilities—while fostering a new sense of self-esteem and value for their city.

The City of Philadelphia’s Mural Arts Program began in 1984 as a city-wide initiative to eradicate graffiti and address neighborhood blight. Today, this nationally recognized public/private initiative engages youth, artists and more than 100 communities each year in the creation of murals that revitalize public spaces and reflect the culture of Philadelphia’s neighborhoods.

San Francisco
StreetSmARTS, a joint effort between the San Francisco Arts Commission and the Department of Public Works, connects established urban artists with private property owners to combat graffiti through the creation of vibrant murals that reflect neighborhood aesthetics.